About SacredFlight

The mission of SacredFlight is
  • To lovingly serve the physical and spiritual needs of people nearing the end of life with the

    prescriptive delivery of music.

  • To expand and develop the field of music-thanatology through community outreach and

    education, and the training of future music-thanatologists.

  • To expand cultural perceptions so that death and dying can be seen and experienced as

    a meaningful transition within the circle of life.

  • To offer an environment of beauty, peace, and reverence, which can support

    transformation through the reorganizing power of music.

  • Institutions that provide SacredFlight music-thanatology vigils for their patients:

  • Bristol Hospice and Homecare
  • Housecall Providers
  • Kaiser Hospice & Continuing Care
  • Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center
  • Kaiser Westside Medical Center
  • Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
  • Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center
  • Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center
  • Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center
  • Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center
  • Providence Hospice & Palliative Care

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