Steve Brown

Steve is a career professional in banking with over 35 years in various management positions with US Bank. At US Bank he met Barbara Cabot and developed a lasting friendship and ultimately become interested in supporting Barbara, Sharilyn and SacredFlight. Since an earlier board experience with Habitat for Humanity in Modesto, CA, he has looked for another opportunity to serve a meaningful organization. SacredFlight is that organization as it continues to offer the peace and solace of music for those at the end of life.

Barbara Cabot, CM-Th

Barbara holds a bachelor’s degree in History and English from Russell Sage College in Troy, New York. Prior to becoming a music-thanatologist, she worked in banking as an internal operations and IT auditor. Barbara has been a choral singer since grade school, most recently with Aurora Chorus in Portland. She also studied piano and theory as a child. In 1996, Barbara learned about music-thanatology on ABC Nightline, and went to Montana to attend the Chalice of Repose Project’s School of Music-Thanatology. Barbara is a co-founder and the Business Manager of SacredFlight, a member of and Treasurer for the professional association, Music-Thanatology Association International, and was actively involved in the Music-Thanatology Training Program at Lane Community College.

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Sharilyn Cohn, CM-Th

Sharilyn graduated with degrees in Music Performance and Music Education from the University of Memphis. She was a professional cellist in Memphis and Atlanta, performing with several orchestras, on soundtracks and on special performance engagements with such artists as George Benson, Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, Sammy Davis Jr., Bob Hope, and Frank Sinatra. Sharilyn taught in private studio and public classroom settings and served as an adjudicator and conductor. She learned about music-thanatology watching an ABC Nightline program and in 1998 moved to Montana for two years to learn her new vocation. Sharilyn is the executive director and co-founder of SacredFlight. She has served as vice-president, conference chair, and on several committees for Music-Thanatology Association International where she helped establish the standards and competencies for certification. Sharilyn has offered presentations on music-thanatology at conferences nationwide and was a co-founder and core faculty of the Lane Community College Music-Thanatology Training Program.

The Rev. Christine (Chris) Dungan

Chris grew up in Portland and returned to Oregon in 2005 following an extended sojourn in the Northeast and South. She has a bachelor’s degree in Latin American history from the University of South Carolina-Aiken, a master of divinity from Columbia Theological Seminary and a master of arts in religion from Vanderbilt University. She is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Before attending seminary, Chris worked in public relations for the maritime and food industries. After more than 10 years as Director of Pastoral Care for a local church, Chris is now the organizing associate pastor of the Community of Pilgrims Presbyterian Fellowship. A long-time dog fancier, she is a member of the Collie Club of America. Chris was introduced to the work of music-thanatologists during the final illness of her father, and she is delighted to support and promote SacredFlight.

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Scott Duyck

Scott is a life-long Oregonian with a degree in Business Administration from Oregon State University. While born and raised on a blueberry farm, he has worked for 20+ years in healthcare sales in products ranging from heart monitors, to respiratory care products, to newborn care products. Scott first became familiar with SacredFlight when they provided a harp vigil for his mother several years ago. It made a strong, positive impact on the end of life experience for Scott and his siblings, so much so that he decided to become more involved with SacredFlight to help more people in the community benefit from their spiritually uplifting mission.

Judith (Judi) Julien, M-Th, PsyD

Judi holds a BA in Music from the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, and a PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University. She worked for many years as a neuropsychologist before recently retiring. Judi has been a musician from birth, growing up in a musical family. She has worked in the field of liturgical music, has taught voice and directed musical groups most of her life. She is also an energy healer and meditative retreat facilitator. Her passions include music, meditation, spiritual/emotional health of all and embracing life to the fullest at all levels. Judi recently graduated from the Lane Community College Music-Thanatology Training Program and is delighted to be associated with SacredFlight in its healing mission. She is deeply grateful that her professional association with SacredFlight embodies all of her passions and is honored to be a part of this life-giving work.

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Jean Madden, CM-Th, RN, BSN

Jean Madden, CM-Th, has a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the College of St. Teresa in Winona, MN. Her nursing career of 37 years includes patient care specialties such as intensive care, cardiac medicine, and traveling nurse assignments in Alaska and the Dominican Republic. She continues to work for Oregon Clinic, GI West one day a week.

Jean became aware of her new vocation through Providence TV, which featured music-thanatologists at the patient’s bedside. She mentioned this to her husband and credits him for moving the process forward by arranging the first harp lesson.

Jean’s background in music began at a young age when singing at the piano for holiday gatherings. At this time she played piano and studied music theory for ten years. Jean also played the organ for church services and sang in the choir. Jean graduated from Lane Community College in 2015, receiving a certificate of completion for the Music-Thanatology Program. The following year she became a certified member of the Music-Thanatology Association International (MTAI). As a professional in this field, Jean feels blessed to be a part of SacredFlight.

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Christine McCullough, CM-Th, RN, BSN

Christine graduated from University of Michigan School of Nursing. She has a life-long love of music, studying piano for ten years as a child and jazz piano as an adult. Early in her nursing career, Chris became interested in holistic nursing and is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association. Chris first encountered music-thanatology while working as a nurse at Legacy Hopewell House Hospice where she saw the transformative effect of vigils delivered by SacredFlight on patients and families. Chris graduated from the training program at Lane Community College in 2011 and became certified by the Music-Thanatology Association International in 2012. She is serving as a music-thanatologist with SacredFlight and also feels honored to be a member of SacredFlight’s Board of Directors.

Michael Sasnow, CM-Th

I first heard about music-thanatology in mid-1997. I had been in chiropractic and acupuncture practice for 20 years, and needed a change of focus. I had always played music for enjoyment,  and I had a sensing that, whatever my new career path might be, music would play a role in my life that it had never played before. When I learned about the Chalice of Repose Project-School of Music-Thanatology (in Missoula, MT at that time), and examined all of the informational material (especially the segment aired on Nightline on Christmas Eve, 1995), I knew I had to check it out. And the rest, as they say, is history.  I worked with SacredFlight for a stretch in 2004, after moving to Portland.  After that, I worked for a number of years for the Children’s Cancer Association, providing harp vigils for seriously ill children and infants in the pediatric and neonatal ICU’s at Doernbecher and Emanuel (Randall) Children’s Hospitals. I worked full time for Serenity Hospice for 9 years (through July, 2018), providing mostly harp vigils, but also some acupuncture and related therapies for hospice patients. I’ve never lost the feeling of deep connection and appreciation for this work, and it’s lovely to be working with SacredFlight again after all these years.

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Joshua Ward, CM-Th

Growing up in Ohio, Joshua studied classical harp with longtime principle harpist of the Toledo Symphony, Nancy Lendrim. Joshua was the principal harpist for the Toledo Youth Orchestra for several years before exploring different musical outlets within the community. During this time he worked with many different music, visual, and performance based artists exposing Joshua to the power of collaboration and improvisation. With his band, “The ’Leles,” Joshua offered music to children in the oncology unit at Toledo Hospital. After producing an album and embarking on several small tours, Joshua relocated to Portland in 2012. Once he discovered the Lane Community College Music-Thanatology Training Program, he was thrilled to be able to utilize his skills as a harpist in the practical application of music and silence to comfort patients and families. Joshua graduated in 2015.

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